Tours and Tutorials

Organizing unique custom fit travel arrangements can sometimes be the best option for a company led by the leading experts in the business sector in a variety of languages.

Organization of daily events for guests coming from abroad for business purposes is accompanied by lender meetings, conferences, dinners, signatures on agreements and more. This can cause a burden if not managed correctly. Especially when it does not leave any time available for our friends from abroad to have free time and travel within the country. The delegation members come from a foreign country and often do not recognize the country or any of the places within, so it is necessary to guide them in their travels and take them around in order for them to get to know the country.

A tour guide will be provided to the delegation that speaks their language and who trained in the culture and traditions of the visitors. The guide will take them around the country and accompany them on trips to the tourist attractions and cultural sights that are the most highly regarded in the country.

Our country is known for its spectacular landscapes, its holy places, and one of the wonders of the world – the Dead Sea, which in the eyes of our guests, especially those from China, is very well-known and in high demand for mission delegation trips.

We have built a travel program filled with expeditions that will expose them to extraordinary places within our country. We will fill the program with excitement in a way that will satisfy our guests and ensure that they do not have to worry, with orderly transportation in VIP vehicles, as well as maps for the entire delegation.

We have also created staff training manuals specifically for this purpose.

Tours and sessions are an opportunity for the delegation members to take a break from business and make time for fun. It is an opportunity for them to get to know the country and admire the magnificent views, the much loved cultural sites, and the history. This provides them with a more relaxed atmosphere, outside of the business realm, to get to know the country.

Each trip will be uniquely tailored with a selection of available places. Because there is such a wide range of accessible places the delegation is interested in we will select the most suitable places to visit depending on the nature of the visit as well as the mission, and we will provide an unforgettable experience filled with thrills that will leave them wanting more.


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