Japanese Agro Delegation

A delegation of Japanese business men from a large manufacturing company in Japan travelled to Israel in order to tour the various agricultural facilities. The company, founded in 1885, began as a vinyl hose maker and over the years expanded and opened up additional departments. Today they have 600 employees.

The main aim of the team of 14, which included the President and the Director of the company, was to gain as much insight as possible into the advanced methods used in Israel Agriculture today. The company is looking into adding an additional department and were here on a fact-finding mission to help them decide on a lucrative option. They spent 5 days traveling around the country visiting numerous farms and factories, a desalination plant, and the Arava R&D center.

This extremely productive tour also included business meetings with professionals, lectures and they even managed to squeeze in some sight-seeing.

The delegation returned home with a wealth of knowledge and ideas to assist them in their future plans for their company.

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