One day tour along the Northern Mediterranean Coast

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SEP.22 thursday
SEP.23 friday
SEP.24 saturday
SEP.27 tuesday
SEP.28 wednesday
SEP.29 thursday

Guests should make their own way to the designated pick-up locations

Designated location 1:Tel Aviv Herods Hotel Entrance 8:00AM
Designated location 2:Tel Aviv Israel Royal Beach Hotel Entrance 8:10AM
Designated location 3:Tel Aviv David Intercontinental Hotel Entrance 8:20AM

Tel Aviv-Rosh Hanikra (about 2h)-Acre (about 30m)-Haifa (about 30m)-Caesarea (about 40m)- Tel Aviv (about 1h)

Travel to Rosh Hanikra in the Achziv Natural Reserve, where the sea has carved beautiful caverns from the white cliffs. Admire the turquoise-water-filled grottos and with luck, glimpse the loggerhead turtles and bats that frequent this protected area.
Next, continue to Acre, an important city in ancient times. Hear how the Hebrew name of Akko means ”until here”, reflecting its location as the furthest point North that the great flood in the Bible is supposed to have, and learn about its Greek, Roman, Crusader and Ottoman roots.

Drive to Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, situated between Mt Carmel and golden Mediterranean beaches. Hear how this picturesque city is home to the headquarters of the Baha’i faith, and view the magnificently terraced Baha’i Gardens, topped by a gold-domed shrine to Bab, the faith’s founder.

Visit the Caesarea National Park to see the timeworn ruins of Herod’s harbor, the Roman amphitheater and other relics, and learn how the port was named after the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus.

Finally, return to departure point in Tel Aviv.

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