Israel Business and Business tourism trends

Israel has become one of the most advanced countries in the world in the hi-tech and business fields. Multinational companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google all have offices and R&D centers in Israel, and many other global companies like Amazon have recently opened up offices in the “Startup Nation” which is Israel.

Large corporations that have factories in Israel are investing even more in the country through very large acquisitions. Most recently, Intel, who has been investing in Israel for many years, purchased the small Israeli company of Mobileye for $15 million.

Big players in the field such as India and China, who believe in the future of Israel, are constantly connecting with Israeli companies. Such investors are eager to co-operate in a number of fields including agriculture, innovation and R&D as well as increased tourism. Co-operation with China for instance has peaked recently with activity in trade, technological R&D, tourism and healthcare amongst others.

Many African countries are eager to learn about how Israeli technology in the field of agriculture can help them improve water and food security for their countries. With the huge successes in these areas over the last few years, business tourism to Israel is evolving with many large companies as well as countries turning to Israel to cooperate with, as well as to learn from.

An increasing number of international conventions and trade shows are held annually in the small Mediterranean country with business people and companies coming from around the world to participate.

With at least 400,000 business tourists come to Israel annually, tour operators are constantly adjusting and finding new measures to meet the demands of this business tourism boom, offering services like arranging tours and meetings with a wide array of factories and hi-tech companies, planning and arranging lectures by experts in various hi-tech fields and offering first class translators for most languages. All this in addition to the usual ground arrangements of accommodation, transfers and touring with professional guides.

As business tourism continues to grow in Israel, tour operators will continue to offer all the services needed to ensure successful and fruitful business tours.


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