10 Day tour for 2nd China – Israel Investment Summit

Day 01 – Tuesday Sept.20 – BJ–TLV
Flight to Israel with EL AL Israel airlines, LY096 2200-0400+1

Day 02 – Wednesday Sept. 21 – Tel Aviv – Jerusalem  
Arrival at Ben Gurion airport where you will be met and assisted by Vered Hasharon representative.
Drive to Jerusalem and check in to hotel. Time for a short rest before driving to the Mount of Olives for a wonderful view of the Old City of Jerusalem. Walk along the Palm Sunday Road to the Dominus Flevit and the Garden of Gethsemane. Visit the Church of All Nations, which was built with donations and contributions from many countries, hence the name.
Visit the Hebrew University campus, Einstein Institute, the Nobel Laureate Wall and Four Sephardic Synagogues at 14:30-15:30
Lecture “the Jewish cultural and historical overview” by the famous Rabi (religious leader) at 16:00-17:30.
Dinner this evening will be with a Jewish family, where you will experience and learn about their beliefs, customs, and family while enjoying the food.    Chinese lunch

Meals: Chinese Lunch and Local dinner
Accommodation: Jerusalem

Day 03 Thursday Sept. 22 – Jerusalem
09:00-10:30am, visit enterprises: Jerusalem University 3D printing center.
11:00-12:30am, visit enterprises and start-ups companies in Jerusalem –the city has over 500 start-up companies, 200+ of them were founded in 2014 and 2015 alone . One of the most diverse tech communities in the world. Innovation comes in many colours.
In the afternoon visit the Old City. Walk along the Via Dolorosa, through the Jewish Quarter, the Arab Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Armenian Quarter, and finally arrive at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, whose centre is the tomb of Jesus. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is divided into seven sects because of the Christian Church. And in 1757, the international arbitration organization make a judgement, and each nail, candle, stone is registered in the church.
After dinner we will go to the Tower of David to enjoy a 45 minute sound and light show telling about the important historical events and about the history of Israel during the 4000 years of history of Jerusalem. The moving images displayed with the walls of the Tower as a backdrop create a spectacular effect.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast and Dinner, Local lunch
Accommodation: Jerusalem

Day 04 Friday Sept. 23 – Jerusalem – Dead Sea
Visit the holy site of Judaism – the Wailing Wall. For the Jews in the old city of Jerusalem, the most sacred place is the temple built by Solomon, which held the Ark of the Covenant with the Ten Commandments in it. The Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, a second Temple was built but then destroyed by the Romans, and now all that remains of the ruins is the Wall. The Wailing Wall is about 20 meters high and 50 meters long, separating the men and women with a screen in the middle. Men have to wear traditional hats, known as a “kippah” when entering the area of the Wall. For those who do not have a “kippah” paper ones are supplied at the entrance.
Visit Mount Zion and the Upper Room where Jesus and his disciples had the Last Supper as well as the Church of St Mary, Dormition Abbey and the Tomb of David.

Go to the Yvel design centre. Walk through the garden with its fruit trees, flowing streams and natural gem stone sculptures. Explore the jewellery making process with a special 3D movie. And here you can enjoy an exquisite private banquet in the cellar, tasting selected Israeli Wines.

The reason why it is called the Dead Sea is that the amount of sea water which is evaporated exceeds the amount of fresh water that pours into the Dead Sea, thus making the salinity of sea water extremely high and increasing its buoyancy. So you will not sink when you jumps into the Dead Sea, instead, you can Experience floating in the Dead Sea like in no other sea. There are hundreds of minerals in the Dead Sea. The evaporation of water forms an effective protective layer against the ultraviolet radiation, thus making the Dead Sea the best place strengthening the skin. The Dead Sea is rich in minerals, and black mud extracted from it also has a magical effect on all types of skin disease and ailments.

Meals: Hotel Breakfast and Dinner, Local lunch
Accommodation:  Dead Sea

Day 05 Saturday Sept. 24 – Dead Sea -Ein Gedi the kibbutz Botanical Garden -Tel Aviv
Visit the desert kibbutz’s Botanical Garden. With advanced irrigation technology, Israel has created a green excellent ecological environment in desert areas where there is a shortage of water, which is held in high regards throughout the world. China’s former leader has also visited this site.
Return to Tel Aviv in the afternoon, check in to the Intercontinental Hotel. Spend some time relaxing at the hotel.
2nd China – Israel Investment Summit welcome reception and opening at 17:00.    Hotel Breakfast

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Local lunch, Dinner at reception
Accommodation:   Tel Aviv

Day 06 Sunday Sept. 25 – Tel Aviv
2nd China – Israel Investment Summit
Meals:  Hotel Breakfast, Lunch in assembly, Chinese dinner
Accommodation:  Tel Aviv

Day 07 Monday Sept. 26  – Tel Aviv
2nd China – Israel Investment Summit

Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Lunch in assembly, Chinese dinner
Accommodation:   Tel Aviv

Day 08 Tuesday Sept. 27 – Tel Aviv – Druze – Nazareth – Haifa
In the morning visit Business incubators and accelerators as well as start-up companies , at the big Industrial park of Yokneam – a city with over 100 high-tech companies and exports of approximately 5 billion US dollars annually. It is located in a hilly region of the lower Galilee at the base of the Carmel Mountains
Visit a Druze village and enjoy the traditional cuisine for lunch.
After lunch drive to Jesus Christ’s childhood hometown–Nazareth. Visit the Church of the Annunciation (the Middle East’s largest Christian Church). It is one of the most impressive buildings in Nazareth, and one of the most important Christian churches in the world today. It is full of local flavor of different countries, reflecting the respective interpretation of theology.
Proceed to Haifa for a beautiful panoramic view of the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens, listed as a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2008 due to its spiritual and cultural architectural style and design. This is the first architecture related to modern religion listed as a world’s cultural heritage in the world. The Baha’i Gardens reach out over 19 terraces.
Meals: Hotel Breakfast and dinner, Local lunch
Accommodation: Haifa

Day 09 Wednesday Sept. 28 – Haifa-Tel Aviv-Beijing LY095 2255-1330+1
09:00-10:30 visit the Haifa Institute of technology visitor centre, learn about the history of the school and Innovation Centre.
10:30-12:30 visit the high-tech park near Haifa, where a number of successful high-tech companies are located.
After lunch return to Tel Aviv, walk along the Mediterranean Sea front to Old Jaffa. The ancient city of Jaffa is the world’s oldest port. The ancient streets and churches map the city’s history and the buildings are filled with top Israeli artists, galleries, jewellery shops, antique shops etc. You can take a stroll and experience the charm of the art of modern Israel, the combination of beautiful legends and modern abstract art. Walk along the ancient Mediterranean Streets with a view of the buildings of Tel Aviv, and feel the history of the diversity of life.
Free tour in the city, and enjoy numerous local snacks.
Transfer to airport for departure.
Meals: Hotel Breakfast, Local lunch

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