Establishing Events and Conferences

The Nature of Conducting the Delegation Reception
Conducting the meeting with the delegation should be planned carefully down to the last detail. It should begin at the initial meeting with the delegation at Ben-Gurion Airport, and continue with constant communication throughout the procedures, during conferences with the guest lecturers, and throughout the program, and the function of the staff is to make sure that the delegation is part of each function.

It is important to thoroughly recognize the fundamental points of the both the mission and the culture of the delegation since it is the business sector that is coming to visit our country and is showing an interest in doing business with us.

Familiarizing yourself with their needs is essential in order to create a basis for conduct and behavior and as a show of respect to cultural differences, so that when we enter into communications with business and with their media regarding the delegation, we know how to lead and manage them in a way that is suitable to both parties in accordance with common needs.

For example, with Chinese culture, it is a very important to understand their business practices.

Organizing Events and Conventions

Organizing events and conventions for a delegations is extremely important, and requires both professionalism and preparation.

There are many factors that affect the success of the event, be it a conference or a lecture. From managing the time of the person responsible for conducting the event to the provision of associated services, catering performance, safety and technical issues, such as: proper sound equipment, projectors and the ability to stimulate interest in the content of the event and leave the delegation with a strong positive impression.

Conferences and lectures will be led by professors with expertise in the business delegation’s line of business as well as their culture.

Each event is customized and based on our extensive experience with the delegations, and contains various options for delegation that were created in order to increase comfort and convenience as well as to maximize the available time.


Our understanding of the purpose of the delegation as well as their business culture for which we are building conferences will constitute a point of major importance with the delegation.

Once we create solidarity with the delegation, we will motivate them into forming a business partnership, and we will then align and coordinate their expectations successfully. This will be another cornerstone of the campaign which will affect the level of our relationship with the delegation that will lead to success in acquiring companies and business partnerships.

With us, you will be able to achieve long-awaited peace of mind when it comes to planning an event or conference.

We prepare and organize events and conferences in a professional manner that is customized specifically for the delegation visiting from abroad and will cover all areas of the event in order to prevent unwanted surprises. With our expertise, they can be avoided easily.

At the same time we focus on creating an enriching conference and that invests our friends from afar in the experience, in order to achieve success for the long-awaited delegation visit.


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