Food in Israel

When speaking of the vast origins of the people in Israel, David Ben Gurion referred to the local culture as a “melting pot”. Much like its people, food in Israel has been influenced by cultures from around the world and centuries of history. Food originating in Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern and Western Europe, has culminated together into a fusion of tastes and smells which is Israel’s gastronomic delight.  0).

A land rich in agriculture and history, this fusion of street food and gourmet results in an authentic experience: a splendor of fresh fruit and vegetables grown only a few Kilometers away, locally produced cheeses and meats, freshly pressed olive oil and home-made baked goods. When walking the streets of Israel one can choose to enter a high-end restaurant serving a variety of modern cuisine such as sushi, Thai and grill, or hop into a family owned eatery and experience a tightly kept family secret recipe for Falafel or Hummus. Better yet, why not try one of the unique restaurants combining the old and the new, turning Ben Gurion’s dream into a culinary reality?

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