Wine – A booming industry

In recent years, the Israel wine industry has experienced a significant boom in both quality and quantity. The industry has vastly developed since the brand-name days of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. To date there are over 200 boutique wineries operating in Israel, making a large variety of unique wines. Many of these quality boutique wineries are enjoying success both at home and abroad, reaping esteemed prizes across the globe and quickly generating a reputation as players in the new wine world.

Wine making in this region dates back to biblical times. Archeological discoveries such as wine making devices, storage vessels and even ancient grapevines have been made across the country. The age-old art of wine making is cohesive to the area and to the history of Israel. Aside from the religious use of wine, the land of Israel is incredibly versatile, allowing for a diverse climate and growing conditions starting at the northern peaks of the Golan and Galilee, continuing through the central sea-side lowlands and in-land Judean hills and ending all the way down in the Negev desert.

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