One Day Tour to the Dead Sea

Available on:

SEP.22 thursday
SEP.23 friday
SEP.24 saturday
SEP.27 tuesday
SEP.28 wednesday
SEP.29 thursday

Guests should make their own way to the designated pick-up locations

Designated location 1:Tel Aviv Herods Hotel Entrance 8:00AM
Designated location 2:Tel Aviv Israel Royal Beach Hotel Entrance 8:10AM
Designated location 3:Tel Aviv David Intercontinental Hotel Entrance 8:20AM

TLV-Masada(2h)-Qumran(30minute)-Dead Sea(10minute)-TLV(2h)

We start our day with a visit to Masada National Park in the Judean Desert 2km from the shore of the Dead Sea. It was here that King Herod built a fortified palace complete with every convenience. You can see Herod’s swimming pool, water cisterns, two palaces, store rooms and a synagogue. This is the site of the most dramatic act in Jewish history when Jewish rebels elected mass suicide rather than submit to Roman capture in 73 A C. Ascend and descend by cable car.

Visit Qumran National park, where the 2,000 year old Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in a number of hillside caves.

Proceed to the Dead Sea. The reason why it is called the Dead Sea is that the amount of sea water which is evaporated exceeds the amount of fresh water that pours into the Dead Sea, thus making the salinity of sea water extremely high and increasing its buoyancy. You will not sink when you jump into the Dead Sea, instead, you will experience floating in the Dead Sea like in no other sea. There are hundreds of minerals in the Dead Sea. The evaporation of water forms an effective protective layer against the ultraviolet radiation, thus making the Dead Sea the best place strengthening the skin. The Dead Sea is rich in minerals, and black mud extracted from it also has a magical effect on all types of skin disease and ailments.
Return to the Tel Aviv assembly point, time of arrival about 17:00.

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