Specializing in business delegations from China and the Far East

China, a powerhouse in the field of import and export, attracts many professionals from around the world, including Israelis who are interested in the business opportunities inherent in working with the Chinese market. Finding a common language is a prerequisite for the realization of business interests between the two sides.

Chinese delegations that arrive in Israel are mainly aimed at China investing in Israeli companies, exploring Incubators and Accelerators and participating in professional seminars.

Our extensive experience handling delegations from China include:

  •  INNONATION – an extremely successful joint China-Israel investment summit that took place in Tel-Aviv in September 2016. Vered HaSharon was the exclusive agency of the summit, handled the ground arrangements of the “Flying Summit“ and planned the tourism packages.
  • CCTV Delegation by Mrs. Wang Lifen April 2016
  • MSM Investments House May 2016
  • Xue Manzi Group June-July 2016

We have the knowledge, experience and tools to facilitate the decision-making process for managing and directing our Chinese businessmen towards the ideal business.

When we provide a service for businessmen from China, we take into account the many different needs that a global customer from this unique market has and provide guidance consisting of several stages. This includes taking care of logistics such as accommodation and transport, solving bureaucratic issues concerning documentation and customs, helping our client find their required product according to request and having a skilled interpreter on hand at all times to accompany clients to meetings and exhibitions thus solving language and culture barriers. Our comprehensive service creates a breeding ground for a fruitful business partnership.

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