Accompanying Businessmen From Africa

In recent years, Africa has begun to integrate into the international commercial arena.

Its business potential, unknown until recently, has begun to emerge and gain momentum and interest among the business people all over the world and especially Israel. The continent’s geographic proximity to Israel only reinforces its potential. Exports to Africa have grown in recent years beyond what was expected, and currently totals more than US $ 1.4 million.

Delegation from Africa
dairy farm

Countries at the top level of success include: Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Angola. Their leading exporting areas are agriculture and industry. Businesses cooperating with Africa can expect a lot of challenges – bureaucracy as well as, on occasion, cultural and language barriers. Understanding the characteristics of the culture and mentality of the business sector in Africa is necessary for creating business success and partnerships.
Business practices and the mentality of the African business people is both different and challenging, yet full of potential. For these reasons business with them must be conducted with them accordingly.

We suggest you take hold of this rare business opportunity by using our professional services and allow our highly skilled experts to accompany you through this process, providing you with the opening you need to have successful business cooperation with Africa.

African delegation

Thanks to our knowledge and our relationship with Africa, brought about through success, we hold the knowledge and tools that we will make the process of accompanying your delegation much easier and will present you with the experience and exposure to a cultural continent with untapped potential today, that will yield you a profit in the near future.

African deleagation touring greenhouses


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