Agricultural Tours in Israel

Every year an increasing amount of agriculture tourists from around the world, in particular from developing countries, come to Israel to learn about the new techniques constantly being discovered. These techniques are part of a constant effort to improve agricultural development and Green Energy, which has always been one of the country’s top priorities.

Vered Hasharon offers tours that cover a variety of aspects, including:

Farming in Desert Conditions
Israel has been successful in turning desert into arable land and is recognized around the world for this ability. A perfect example of this is drip irrigation: as only 20% of the land in Israel is arable, drip irrigation has had a significant impact on agriculture. This unique irrigation system has made it possible to develop farming projects in arid, semi-arid and desert conditions.

Dairy Farming
Innovative ideas using advanced technologies and computerized feeding and milking systems have been introduced by farmers. This has resulted in Israel becoming a global leader in efficient dairy farming techniques, with the ability to produce more milk with fewer cows.

Fish Farming
Fish Farming is a quick solution to supply protein to populations in countries around the world. This has been successfully implemented in Israel including in desert areas using brackish water.

Greenhouse technology
Greenhouses have been adapted for the purpose of cultivating crops in difficult climatic conditions, which has resulted in a consistent supply of choice quality products.

Post Harvesting Technologies
Topics including preparation for export, long shelf-life technologies and sorting and packaging amongst others.

Green Energy
Using Green energy that includes the use of solar power, hydropower, wind power and geothermal energy as well as the recycling of wastewater and desalination, Israel has managed to turn a land with few resources into a country filled with discoveries that are transforming and enriching lives.

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